Are you a "fifty plus" woman?


If you're a woman in the "fifty plus" chapter of life, you may be experiencing a period of self reflection – a time to consider what you've accomplished so far along with what to do next.

No longer carpooling kids to extra-curriculars or feeling the need to prove yourself, but not quite ready to retire completely or able to experience freedom for extended periods of time, you will benefit from the camaraderie and support of other women in the same zone. 


Check back for detailed information about our 2019 one day event or if you'd like to be notified of an upcoming date, please send this request in an email to

  • Being in this group opened my eyes to a different understanding and awareness of being fifty plus.
    I now feel that there are more benefits to being over the age of fifty than I thought.
    — Tara, Thornhill, ON
  • Knowing that other women are facing the same challenges was very helpful and reassuring.
    — Lisa, Richmond Hill, ON
  • I've learnt that there is still a lot of life left to live.
    — Indira, Thornhill, ON
  • I felt very comfortable sharing and learning about others experiences.
    — Angela, Newmarket, ON