About "Fifty Plus" Women's Support

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If you're feeling a little lost or confused

If you're wondering "where do I go from here?"

If you're feeling less visible or valuable

If you're looking for a sense of purpose, passion and peace of mind

If you're at a loss about how to take care of yourself after taking care of others for so long

You're not alone!

I invite you to connect with other "fifty plus" women in a supportive, small group environment. A comfortable, caring and safe place in which to share and be supported by other women who have many feelings and thoughts in common, united at first by being in the same "fifty plus" zone of life.

Over six sessions, you’ll be encouraged to explore and accept changes in yourself on a physical, social and emotional level, relationships with family and friends, how to care for yourself while taking care of others and how to renew passion, purpose and peace of mind.

Groups will meet on weekday mornings, or on a Saturday. Click here for upcoming events.